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Eat well, choosing natural foods and limiting the consumption of ultra-processed foods: this is the challenge that anyone wanting to embrace a healthy lifestyle faces on a daily basis.

Not always a simple challenge, in an era when industrial food production has led to the “mass” use of additives and preservatives. You only have to read the labels in the supermarkets to realise just how much they’re used to colour, sweeten or store foods: their presence depends on the production process, the ingredients used, the final appearance to be obtained, the type of preservation required, the need to protect food from harmful bacteria, the type of packaging, etc.

Fortunately, not all foods contain additives: one such case is Prosciutto di San Daniele.

More and more people are choosing a lifestyle in which simplicity and authenticity are back on the table: the quality of the ingredients and the search for their original taste are rewarded.

In this way we return to a cuisine where research is focused on the substance, including its biological and chemical nature, rewarding production processes that follow precise guidelines and rules.

In Italy, the source of raw materials whose variety and taste meet the palates of the entire world, as well as the cradle of one of the healthiest diets on the planet, this concept of cuisine has something ancestral to it: we are talking about a “return to our origins”, where product quality becomes a fundamental value.

A philosophy that is ideally interpreted in a product like San Daniele PDO. The production process of Prosciutto di San Daniele is the result of a tradition that sinks its roots back between the 11th and 8th centuries BC and which today complies with strict Regulations that govern its production.

Prosciutto di San Daniele is a natural food: with no preservatives, nitrites or nitrates

From the very start, Prosciutto di San Daniele did not involve the use of preservatives, preference being given to a “traditional” form of preservation, that is genuine and does not use any chemical elements.

Only three ingredients are needed to produce San Daniele PDO: select Italian pork legs, sea salt and the particular microclimate of San Daniele del Friuli. The ageing that lasts at least 13 months does the rest. The secret to Prosciutto di San Daniele is precisely the city of San Daniele del Friuli – which is fundamental thanks to its unique microclimatic conditions – in addition of course to the use of carefully selected raw materials.

The search for quality is crucial and this is why Prosciutto di San Daniele is totally free of preservatives, nitrites and nitrates.

As well as being a natural food, its high nutritional value and easy digestibility make it ideal for anyone who wants to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

A healthy, genuine and natural food, it meets the current needs of consumers, who are ever more oriented towards a healthy lifestyle.

On a dietary journey where quality, well-being and taste come first, a food like San Daniele PDO is a must.

Prosciutto di San Daniele is ideal for all diets: for example, being a source of noble proteins, it is highly recommended for sportsmen and women.

Recommended for all age groups, San Daniele PDO is good for everyone even children: a snack of bread and Prosciutto is decidedly healthier, compared to the treats packed with sugar and preservatives that are present on the market.

It’s also a perfect food for anyone wanting to follow a low-calorie diet: San Daniele has a low-fat content, particularly of saturated fats, the content of which is smaller than monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (the so-called “good fats”).

Thorough checks make Prosciutto di San Daniele a tasty food that is also recommended for pregnant women: the long ageing process prevents the danger of proliferation of the pathogens responsible for potentially dangerous diseases, such as toxoplasmosis.

In short, anyone who wants to follow a proper and well-balanced diet, with the right daily intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and all the other nutrients needed to live a healthy life, can count on this cold cut.

Thanks to its natural qualities, Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO is a product that is highly recommended by nutritionists in diet plans that help the body remain healthy.

Its high vitamin content should also be noted, especially the B group vitamins (in particular B1, B2 and B3), which are very important especially for carbohydrate metabolism, for cellular respiration and for synthesis and demolition of fatty acids, cholesterol and amino acids.

We must also stress the presence of mineral salts such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc, known as “trace elements”, the intake of which, in minimum doses, is essential for the proper functioning of the whole body.

As part of a healthy and balanced diet, it is also important to consume the correct amount of lipids every day and San Daniele provides the right dose of saturated and unsaturated fats that are necessary for energy requirements.

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