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The festive season approaches and a dinner with friends to celebrate Chritmas is a must. Here is some good advice on how to better organize the feasts that await you. How can you decorate the table? What menu can you prepare? And what about the Christmas playlist? What task can you give each guest?

We are going to answer all these questions, giving you some suggestions  to make no mistakes and impress your guests.

Invite your friends

One more whatsapp group? Why don’t you send a nice card, carefully prepared and decorated, and deliver it personally to your dearest friends and guests? The spirit of Christmas can be captured even with the simplest gestures. A handmade invitation is definitely an original way to show your guests how much you care for them. Don’t worry if you have very little time, once you created one simple homemade invitation, take a picture of it and send it to all your guests.

Create the righ atmosphere for the festive season

The history of San Daniele demonstrates it: we comba any kind of waste and we actively commit daily – throughout all our supply chain – to fighting it. For this reason, to better decorate  your home and the table spread, create a centerpiece and dress up the tree with objects you don’t use aymore, Prepare also some pine cones, some twine, pine branches, a few slices of dired fruit, cinnamon sticks and leave some room for the most creative guests, while you set up the final details! You just have to set the table according to your taste or to the rules of the perfect mise en place (fork and knife on the right, all right?).

Here is a list to inspire you:

The perfect sound for an evening with friends

How about some background music?  100% Christmas Playlist? Santa Claus songs? You need the  right balance to let Santa’s elves sing their hearts out and to please those who love the festive season but abhor the Christmas songs which have already flooded the city shops and streets. We’d like to help you to meet everyone’s expectations. Here is, ready made, a Spotify playlist for your Christmas dinners (and yes, we added also  Micheal Bublè,in case you are wondering ).

Listen to the Christmas playlist

Let your guests prepare the appetizers!

A nice idea to involve your guests in the lunch or dinner is to ask them to prepare the appetizers (maybe even made with San Daniele). Even if it is only about slicing some prosciutto and wrapping it on crispy breadsticks, or pairing it with some good crudités, let one or two of your guests take care of that. Give a third guest the task of serving a white wine (sparkling or still, according to everyone’s taste) from the Friulian Collio. Have a taste while you get your menu ready and decorate the table. You will hit the target with your eyes closed!

The dinner menu: from the appetizer to the main course with the San Daniele

You should think of a menu for your lunch or dinner before writing a shopping list. To celebrate with your friends in the month of December you have many options, from first to main courses. For the dessert the traditional panettone or pandoro are a must, according to your taste. We’d like to make this task of yours easier, here is a suggestion for a perfect menu for a dinner with friends:

Four cheese and Prosciutto di San Daniele Crepes

Spinach and Prosciutto bread dumplings

Beef Wellington

Filled Panettone

Everything is ready: ingredients, procedure and instructions for a great result. Don’t forget to add Prosciutto di San Daniele to your shopping list, there’s always room for it in the Christmas gatherings with friends and relatives!

The  grand final

The playlist is there, the center piece too, all the food is ready and piping hot, the appetizers were prepared, the wine is ready as well. Here we are, it’s finally time to sit at the table with one’s friends for a festive dinner before the huge feasts of 24th and  25th  December!

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