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If you’re a lover of irresistible sandwiches that satisfy all your culinary desires, you’re in the right place.

Introducing a masterpiece of unique flavours: a sandwich with caramelised pears, brie tempura, rocket and Prosciutto di San Daniele.

Imagine the perfect mouthful: the sweetness of the caramelised pears that melts into the enveloping creaminess of the brie tempura, caressed by the freshness and light peppery pop of the rocket. And at the centre of this marriage of exquisite flavours, the undisputed star: Prosciutto di San Daniele, with its delicate flavour that blends harmoniously with each ingredient.

This sandwich is not just a meal, it’s a culinary experience that will take you on a journey of taste and sensory pleasure. Perfect for a quick and tasty lunch or for an informal dinner with friends and family, this sandwich is a true delight for the mouth and a work of art for the eyes.

But we don’t want to reveal all our secrets right now. Continue reading to discover all the details on how to make this gourmet sandwich, step by step. We guarantee that every bite will be an explosion of flavours and emotions, that will make you want to keep going back for more.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to indulge your palate with this caramelised pear, brie tempura, rocket and Prosciutto di San Daniele sandwich. Succumb to temptation and prepare for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Recipe for sandwich with caramelised pears, brie tempura, rocket and Prosciutto di San Daniele:

Sandwich with caramelised pears, brie tempura, rocket and Prosciutto di San Daniele

Prep Time 35 mins
Total Time 50 mins
Course Main course
Servings 1 sandwich


  • 1 ciabatta roll
  • 40 g of rocket
  • 1/2 a pear
  • 60 g of Prosciutto di San Daniele
  • 80 g of brie
  • Batter as needed
  • Vegetable oil
  • 10 g of brewer’s yeast
  • 10 g of sugar
  • 1/2 a lemon


  • In a bowl make a simple batter with water, yeast and flour, let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • In a pan caramelise the sliced pear with sugar and lemon juice for a few minutes over a high heat, making sure not to overcook it.
  • Cut the brie into strips roughly 1cm in width, dip them into the batter and fry in plenty of very hot vegetable oil for a few minutes.
  • Assemble the sandwich with the rocket on the bottom, the brie tempura, the caramelised pears and lastly the Prosciutto di San Daniele.
  • Enjoy while hot.

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