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Its birhtplace is in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and it reaches all the tables in Italy :  Prosciutto di San Daniele is an excellence of Made in Italy and you can taste in any Region, also outside its home territory. It is indeed well known and appreciated  also abroad: its unique taste makes it one of the most loved products with an Italian brand worldwide. 

Where can we go to stock up on San Daniele DOP?

You can find Prosciutto di San Daniele in the main retail stores, but not only there. It has a dedicated corner in the “San Daniele” store, inside the Fico Eataly World Park in Bologna and you can find it in its stores.

The taste of San Daniele DOP often  “travels” across Italy. The event Aria di San Daniele involves all the Peninsula, from North to South and it is a format designed to allow anyone to get to know its features and its unmistakable taste.  The physical outlests are complemented by those online: buying San Daniele DOP has never been so easy.

From farm to fork

If you want to buy directly from the producer, you can choose the prosciutto factory you prefer and complete the purchase in a few clicks. All the producers of San Daniele DOP are in the town of  San Daniele del Friuli, many of them retail and some are online with a dedicated shop.

The list of the firms is wide, you just  need to browse the shops online and put  San Daniele DOP in your cart!

Alternatively, if you have the chance to visit  San Daniele del Friuli, your best option for sure is to take advantage of this trip to discover the prosciutto factories – many of them open their doors for guided tours – get to know all the steps of the production cycle, learn the craft directly from the master prosciutto makers who  continue to carry out in a traditional way all the most delicate steps, and buy the products at that time.

The guarantee that it is the“true” San Daniele DOP

How can you recognize the true San Daniele DOP? Not only for the unmistakable taste, starting from the moment of the purchase  there are some things the consumer can do. Every tray of cold cuts has indeed a  Qr Code: simply frame it  to get all the information on the  supply chain traceability and find out all the details of its production cycle. .

From its totally Italian origin to the length of the aging, date and place where it was sliced, weight and ingredients. This way you are sure to put on your plate a healthy product, that is also authentic and checked at each stage of the production.

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