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Who are the producers of San Daniele Dop? How many companies were born (or have set down firm roots here) to  shape a diamond (which is anything but unpolished)? Today we are going to introduce you to the world of producers.

The producers are altogether 31, and these thirty-one work daily to grant a healthy and natural product, respectful of the tradition, of the territory and of the rules of the  Production guidelines.

Who are the producers of San Daniele?

It must be said: there is a variety of things that contribute to define the reason why a prosciutto di San Daniele Dop producer is one. San Daniele is created by the capable hands of few prosciutto masters.Through a safeguarded and handed down process, that never changed for centuries, producers turn meat and salt into a masterpiece of taste and delicacy.


San Daniele has in its Dna  a one-of-a-kind craftmanship nature, witnessed also from the steps of the production process. Processes like the salting, the smearing and  the piercing of the meat are strictly handmade.  And they are carried on almost family-style from generation to generation, like a secret to guard.

The passion all producers put into it is the symbol of a product that comes from man and is meant for man. Machines, totally subsidiary in the production process, are a mere help. San Daniele is made by hands. To such an extent that in this process, handed down from father to son, the person who  tastes the prosciutto is in the first place. And he will always be our obsession.


Another one of our cornerstones is the transparency in the way San Daniele is produced. The opportunity to visit the production facilities, to get very easily answers to one’s doubts, the amount of  information given about how prosciutto is made and brought to you are the best evidence of how much producers believe in what they do.

The care in the processing of San Daniele and the ways all this is reported prove the will to be clear about everything that concerns it.  San Daniele wouldn’t exist without you, who buy this jewel daily. This is why transparency and relationships with people are  at the center of our attention.

Cooperation and Responsibility

Making a product that travels worldwide means first of all being responsible.The absoulte precision with which controls are carried out, environmental impact and sustainability, compliance with the Italian and European regulations, traceability and guideline  updates are all aspects on which all producers are adamant, and these are an unavoidable aspect of how they feel the product should be like.

Good food is never just good food. It is something that becomes such starting with how it is produced, what it is like, how it is suitable for any type of diet, how it is  advertised. You are not a San Daniele Dop producer if all this isn’t followed to the letter.

Who are the producers? Where is it possible to buy retail or online?

By clicking on this link you will be able to find all  – but just all – the prosciutto factories that produce the one and only San Daniele Dop.

At the bottom of the same page you will moreover find three important links that will be very useful to plan your visit and tasting in our hamlet among the hills of  hillside Friuli or to buy online from one of our producers.

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