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Can you recognize a  San Daniele at first sight? The First episode of a journey among the five senses to taste our  prosciutto Dop.

The senses a human being develops are altogether five: sight, hearing, touch, smell and, obviously, taste. When you taste our Prosciutto Di San Daniele you should know that the heady feeling of goodness you perceive is given by the unbreakable union of these five senses. For a complete and genuine taste experience and to be also able to recognize prosciutto crudo from Friuli, you can’t ignore any of these.

Recognizing a San Daniele

For this very reason we decided to embark on a journey  that will unravel the wonders of San Daniele and of its production through the five senses. For the first step of our journey  we have chosen sight. Let’s find out what role eyes have when the tighs are processed and how to best use them when it come to choosing an authentic Prosciutto di San Daniele.

One of the main tasks of a master prosciutto maker of a San Daniele Dop is to check the fresh pork thighs to assess their quality and any possible faults. The meat should have a nice red colour, the white fat should be undamaged and there shouldn’t be any spots or splits on its surface. In short: you need a sharp eye!

The characteristic guitar shape

Consumers at the deli counter  must also play their part, they should be careful not to be fooled by imitations. Before you even taste  prosciutto Dop, you need to pay attention to the shape of a San Daniele thigh. You can’t go wrong: it must be the characteristic guitar shape, achieved thanks to the special pressing, typical  of our processing. Also, you must check that the pork hock is there. This is another manufacturing peculiarity whose purpose is to help the drainage of the internal  moisture of the thigh, and it will also help you to tell a  San Daniele at a glance!

The fire brand

Then there is the question of the brands, which can’t escape an attentive observer. There are the brands on the rind, that show the identification stamps of the farm, of the slaughterhouse and the date of the day the processing started. Then there is the most important distinctive mark, the stylised image of a prosciutto! In the middle of it there are the letters SD, surrounded by the wording “Prosciutto di San Daniele”. This is the  fire brand of the Consortium, the warranty of a perfect prosciutto.

Did you take notes? Very good. Besides, don’t forget that Prosciutto di San Daniele Dop is definitely love at first sight!

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