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More an more frequently a quick lunch or  a snack replace the enjoyment of a relaxed meal sitting at a table.  This change in eating habits also modified the way food is packaged and delivered. Whether you speak of supermarkets, restaurants or the butcher’s downstairs, it is normal to find food in various forms.

We at  Prosciutto di San Daniele haven’t only been among the first to sense this change, but we have also moved very quickly to make sure our consumers wouldn’t miss the chance to taste our prosciutto. As we said, there’s only one San Daniele, but you can find it in various forms.

What cuts of San Daniele can you buy?

You can buy Prosciutto di San Daniele Dop in a variety of forms, according to your needs. Today we are taking a look at them and their features.

The whole Prosciutto on the bone

You’d know it anywhere and not just for its taste, of course, but also for its distinctive and unique guitar shape. This is no doubt the iconic figure of a true San Daniele. After at least thirteen months of maturing, prosciutto comes out of our aging rooms with an average weight between 8 and 10.5 kg.

Whole deboned Prosciutto

For those of you who love comfort we also thought of a cut which could combine the intense flavor of a real San Daniele Dop with the ease in cutting and enjoying it.The whole Prosciutto without bone meets these two requirements. It is completely free from the inner bones. It is packaged in a vacuum plastic bag and it should always be stored in the fridge at a temperature between +1°C  and +7°C. To enjoy it, simply remove the plastic bag, gently pat dry the greasy film that covers it and start slicing it.

San Daniele in portions

Don’t you think that, given the attention we pay to every detail, we’d make your life simpler? That’s why we tought of this specific and practical form, for those who love it and want it always at hand in the fridge, ready to be sliced. A section of a San Daniele Dop is obtained by cutting a deboned prosciutto in 5 parts. Every section can weigh about 1.5 kg. The online stores  of our prosciutto factories ship thousands of them every year. And remember, after opening the wrapper, cover the prosciutto properly so that it retains its qualities and always store it at a temperature between +1°C and +7°C.

Sliced prosciutto

And, last but not least, the sliced prosciutto. When you stop by the deli counter of your trusted grocery store you should say: “200 grams of San Daniele, please” (the more, the better, anyway). But you must know that you can find freshly sliced San Daniele Dop in another place other than the deli counter. Since 2019 we have introduced in large-scale distribution the trays of pre-sliced prosciutto and they are convenient and safe, perfect to seal in the fragrance of a Made In Italy flagship product. And to top it off and ensure the transparency of our production and supply chain, a QR code has also ben added to each tray to promptly guarantee its specific features and traceability.

Is it all clear?  Anywhere you are, it’s always a good time to eat Prosciutto di San Daniele!

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