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Yes, it’s true, we have already told you about smell, sight and touch. But which is the most important among the five senses for a real Prosciutto di San Daniele? It is definitely taste and it for sure is the one we are most fond of. Moreover, the sensation we all experience when we taste a slice of our prosciutto crudo is breathtaking. whether we have it with a fragrant slice of bread or wrapped on a breadstick. 

Basically, San Daniele Dop is an authentic joy for our tastebuds. But ,at this point, a question arises: what does a real Prosciutto Crudo di San Daniele del Friuli taste like?

Where does its aroma come from?

The taste of a Prosciutto di San Daniele varies of course, depending on an essential element: the number of months it has matured for. There are several maturing times –  based on the days our Dop ages in our cellars – but never below 400 days altogether. This means that the longer is the maturing time, the more lingering will the aroma be. If there’s one thing that distinguishes our prosciutto, that is its delicate taste. Can you combine salinity and sweetness? Yes, you can and Prosciutto di San Daniele is a prime example of this. As soon as the tip of your tongue touches a slice of prosciutto, you will sense a very sweet and velvety flavour, which will slowly evolve into clearer and saltier notes as you taste it.

And that is all because of our famous maturing rooms. Here the salted pork thighs are placed to rest, keeping a moisture level between 70 and 80%, and at a a temperature between 4° and 6°C . This step lasts until the fourth month from the beginning of the manufacturing process and allows the salt to penetrate uniformly and to get evenly  inside the  prosciutto. And the best part about this is that you can even visit these actual temples of San Daniele Dop, booking your visit on the websites of our producers. Get ready for heavenly sights and smells!

What does Prosciutto di San Daniele taste like?

But then, what are the flavours you can taste in a true Prosciutto di San Daniele? We can speak of nuts, such as walnuts and hazelnuts and dried fruit, not to mention chestnuts and the typical aroma of a nice cellar or even roasted hints. The analyses on samples of the lucky official tasters of our prosciutto, show – above all things – how balanced the taste is in all of its aspects. The sweet notes of San Daniele are famous as much as its flavorful and marked taste. It is, in short a joy for the palate! 

This swirl of flavours, no matter how different one from another, come together in a perfect mix of tastes and our Prosciutto Crudo melts in your mouth, as the saying goes!

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