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When we speak about smell the quotes are limitless. For example Jean-Jaques Rosseau said that “smell is the sense of immagination”. Some years later Italo Calvino agreed with this reasoning but turned it around. He argued that “ smell tells you immediately with no mistakes what you need to know; there are no words, nor information more accurate than what the nose gets”. In short, it’s a guarantee. 

Besides, the world is full of smells, but recognising them is no bargain for everyone, actually. If what appears before us  is almost incontrovertible, that is often not the case with smell. Anyone who is not an expert, just like with taste, tends perhaps to smell a different scent, a different hint of perfume. 

The smell of maturing 

However, within the sector of Prosciutto di San Daniele Dop, when we make prosciutto, we make sure that – with strict  processing techniques- that sweet aroma the slice gives off is always exactly the same.  During the maturing period, the senses of sight and touch give their contribution in the periodic inspections to assess the colour and the texture of the meat. But you should know that the nose is the true protagonist. At what stage? Well, during the piercing procedure.  Using a   thin and pointed  horse bone, a specialist prods the prosciutto in several places. 

By extracting and smelling this ancient tool, the specialist senses what stage the maturing has reached. The porosity of the bone, used as an analysis tool, is able to retain the key aromas of the meat, sending all the scents of a matured pork thigh to the specialist’s nose. 

Can you recognize a Prosciutto di San Daniel by the scent? 

One thing is for sure: the scent of a San Daniele is very delicate. It becomes stronger through the maturing stage. If you have a well trained nose, you will smell toasted hints, like bread crust, dried fruit and barley malt. 

Over the years we have carried out research to understand what ordinary people feel with their noses during a sensory analysis of Prosciutto di San Daniele. We found out that most of the interviewees – both in the aromas  and the after-aromas – describe the taste of our prosciutto crudo as something “intense” and “lingering”, and it reminds them of the typical (and beautiful) scents issued by the cellars used for the maturing process. Though it may seem unexpected, quite a few have even pointed out milky notes in its scent! 

Well, now you have the master key to recognize a true prosciutto di San Daniele only thanks to your nose! Remeber. Don’t be fooled! There is only one Prosciutto di San Daniele! 

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