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It sometimes happens that you can’t see some of the ingredients of food like prosciutto. Have you ever noticed that? You might not be able to touch it, you may not even be able to smell it in the air. Or maybe, you can’t even sense this magical touch when you bite into that food. The ingredients may as well not be only the ones that can be perceived from our five senses. We really know something about that!

An invisible ally

Also Prosciutto di San Daniele Dop has an invisible ingredient. You can’t see it, you know it is there, but you still can’t see it. You notice it from the tree branches that bend, from the leaves that move. Yes, one of the elements that make San Daniele magical is wind.

We have explained to you various times how one of the secrets of this prosciutto crudo is represented by the peculiar micro climate that distinguishes the area of San Daniele del Friuli. The crisp air in our area is certainly one of the elements that play a role in determining the taste of the prosciutto produced here.

Here, in fact the cold winds that come from the Carnic Alps meet the warmer air coming from the Adriatic Sea. Both are regulated by the action of the Tagliamento river which balances the air humidity. And the result is a perfect aging of the San Daniele.

We pay homage in our own way to the wind every single day. Without its help, without its paths  wedging into our aging chambers, Prosciutto di San Daniele wouldn’t be what it is.

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