Top New York Caterer Serves Inspired Dishes Featuring San Daniele Prosciutto

Peter Bonizio, Culinary & Concept Development Chef at Thomas Preti Caterers started his career in the Preti kitchen, left to …

Prosciutto Hand Roll

Peter Bonizio, Culinary & Concept Development Chef at Thomas Preti Caterers started his career in the Preti kitchen, left to attend the CIA and worked in the Phoenician Resort’s five diamond restaurant under Alessandro Stratta. From there, Peter went to Pino Loungo’s Coco Pazzo to great reviews. But the prodigal brother eventually came home to Preti where he creates exceptional Prosciutto di San Daniele dishes for Thomas Preti catering events.

Some of his masterpieces include:
Prosciutto di San Daniele with Burrata
Notes Chef Bonizio, “The silky texture and brackish qualities of the ham blend perfectly with the creamy cheese and the sweetness of the summer fruit, seasonal tomatoes and slightly bitter cucumbers. The final accent of the aged balsamic lends a slight acidity creating the perfect balance of flavors.”

Prosciutto and Burrata Salad-lowPickled Vegetable with Prosciutto
Chef Bonizio explains, “We quick pickled seasonal garden vegetables to create the slightest “kiss” of sweet and sour. The still firm jardinière is then strapped in a thin slice of San Daniele Prosciutto. It intensifies the umami characteristics and pronounces the saltiness of the cured ham.”

These first two dishes were designed to bring forward the boldness of San Daniele Prosciutto, while these next two accentuates its subtlety.

Prosciutto Wrapped Rosemary Shrimp
When paired with shrimp that has been marinated in more aggressive flavors and then grilled, the prosciutto becomes more delicate and tastes sweet to the palate.

Grana Padano Tuile
Continues Chef Bonizio, “We chiffonade thin slices of the prosciutto and place it in a grana padano tuile with pickled cauliflower and mushrooms. The intensified saltiness of the cheese coupled with the vinegary vegetables allows the sweet silky notes of the Prosciutto to shine through.”

Thomas Preti is the owner and Co-Founder of New York based “Thomas Preti Events to Savor”, Thomas Preti is the creative force and personality behind this top catering company established in 1987. Seeking to formalize his expertise beyond the kitchens of his Tuscan and Sicilian grandmothers’, Thomas attended Culinary Institute of America, apprenticed at the famed Fontainebleau Hotel became Executive Sous Chef at New York’s legendary Plaza Hotel then packed up his knives in search of a richer experience. With his cousin Michael Bonizio, Thomas co-founded a catering company that would soon evolve into a business of culinary excellence. Thomas brought on his former Plaza Hotel Assistant Banquet Chef, Ron Rando, who also attended Culinary Institute of America The Thomas Preti team has earned a reputation for providing an unparalleled culinary experience by tailoring the needs of each event to match their unique image and style.