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Aria di Festa is an event celebrating not only gastronomy, but culture, music and the enjoyment of life. It goes beyond the discovery of the irresistible tastiness of prosciutto di San Daniele to provide insights regarding the characteristics that make it unique, the best ways to enhance its taste in the kitchen, and the exploration of the deep-seated bonds this product has with its territory of origin.

interno_aThis year in particular, in organising the thirtieth edition of the celebration, the town of San Daniele was transformed into an actual outdoor set, with shows, meetings, workshops and prestigious guests, beginning with Mistress of Ceremonies Giorgia Surina, who, in the opening evening, duetted with gastronaut Davide Paolini in an amusing, amused excursus on San Daniele. Cabaret artist Leonardo Manera, instead, define this prosciutto as «the Dorian Gray of cured meats» on the occasion of the much-applauded “In Praise of Prosciutto,” a feast of music, readings, songs and poems on the unsustainable attraction food exerts on all of us and its power to bring people together. Among the other guests of the event, all enthusiastically received, were “word player” and author Stefano Bartezzaghi, matchless vocal improviser Gegè Telesforo, Udine author Antonella Sbuelz, drama critic Masolino D’Amico, the Friulan cabaret duo Andrea Collavino and Piero Sidoti, and Angelo Floramo, director of the Guarneriana Library of San Daniele.
This thirtieth edition of Aria di Festa also featured singer-songwriter Malika Ayane, who performed a selection of her hits; Giuliano Palma, highly appreciated in this year’s edition of the Sanremo Italian song festival; Paola Maugeri, the voice of Virgin Radio, who narrated “The History of Rock Music from Elvis to Our Times” with an exclusive Dj set. Co-protagonist of the evening was Omar Pedrini, whose concert alternated his most famous hits with songs from his latest album.
interno_bThe event benefitted from the presence of another great star, not of strings but of burners: starred chef Emanuele Scarello, who for the occasion created a new San Daniele-based menu for his restaurant and reinterpreted one of the most classic combinations: bread and prosciutto. In addition to the appointments with Emanuele Scarello, the event offered many opportunities to sample and familiarise oneself with the DOP prosciutto from Friuli, which appeared in tasting sessions and workshops in both classic and avant-garde pairings.
Aria di Festa was, in short, a heralded success, the excellent outcome of which was reflected in the massive public turnout. In fact, more than 1,000 people participated in the cooking courses and guided tastings, while 8,000 visited the prosciutto factories. The international appeal of the celebration was furthermore confirmed by the 35,000 visitors from Austria and the 25,000 visitors from Germany, who were also attracted by the absolutely unique opportunity to taste a dazzling array of specialty food products together with prosciutto di San Daniele.

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